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I wish I could say I've always had a camera at my side but alas, I haven't. It wasn't until age 42 I got my first DSLR and felt like I could take photography seriously. As a youngster I was always worried about the cost of processing a roll of film and in my 20's sent my film off to offsite photo processors to save money. So I was stingy with the photo-taking until digital and I feel like I have just gotten started.

I'm a little hippie on the edges, striving for a fruitful garden (yes, I can kill zucchini), collecting rain water in Phoenix, AZ and watching what I consume. My photography passion is with cats, wildlife, landscape and seeking the beauty around me. As a cat lover I support trap, neuter and release programs along with local rescue programs and visit the local shelter, AAWL, to love on the kitties that I can't take home with me.